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Happy Easter! Term 5 starts Tuesday 23rd April.
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After School Clubs - Feb 19

Cross-Country Running Club

Cross-Country Running Club 1
Cross-Country Running Club 2
Cross-Country Running Club 3
Cross-Country Running Club 4
Cross-Country Running Club 5
Cross-Country Running Club 6
Cross-Country Running Club 7
Cross-Country Running Club 8
Cross-Country Running Club 9

Craft club

Craft club 1
Craft club 2
Craft club 3
Craft club 4
Craft club 5
Craft club 6
Craft club 7
Craft club 8
Craft club 9
Craft club 10
Craft club 11
Craft club 12
Craft club 13

A few from week 1

A few from week 1 1
A few from week 1 2
A few from week 1 3
A few from week 1 4
A few from week 1 5
A few from week 1 6
A few from week 1 7
A few from week 1 8
A few from week 1 9
A few from week 1 10
A few from week 1 11
A few from week 1 12

After-School Clubs 2017-2018

Cooking Club

Mrs Alexander- Jones has been doing cooking with Year 3 and 4 children! So far they have made Rainbow Salad, Fajitas and Omelettes! 

Gymnastics Club - Year 5 and 6

This term Year 5 and 6 have had the opportunity to take part in gymnastics club with Miss Nicholson. They have learnt lots of new skills including, forward roll, cartwheels and even practised the splits! The children have used different equipment including the triangle, springboard and crash mats. 

Growing Our Future Together

  • Enquiry

    We ask questions because we want to learn.

  • Unique

    We are all unique. We have different abilities and talents and we can learn from each other.

  • Respect

    We respect each other. We respect school property. We treat each other how we would like to be treated. We respect everybody’s opinions.

  • Achieve

    We need to do our very best. Our best will be different to others.

  • Confidence

    We believe in ourselves and in others. We are brave. Don’t be scared

  • Happiness

    We have fun. We work with a smile. We are excited to come to school. Spread the happiness to all around you.

  • Tolerance

    We respect everyone’s opinions and views. We know that being different is fine. We can follow our own path. Get along with everybody.

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