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Class 1 2014/15

Smoothie making

Smoothie making 1
Smoothie making 2
Smoothie making 3
Smoothie making 4
Smoothie making 5
Smoothie making 6
Smoothie making 7
Smoothie making 8
Smoothie making 9
Smoothie making 10
Smoothie making 11
Smoothie making 12
Smoothie making 13
Smoothie making 14



Class 1 enjoyed their trip to Tesco.  They went in tha bakery and saw the ovens and the bread slicer.  They sampled different types of bread and cookies and doughnuts.  They looked at the different meats and learnt which animal they came from.  They looked at the fish and learnt what fish goes into fish fingers.  They sampled some of the cheese from the cheese counter.  They played a game in the fresh produce section where they were given a colour and they had to find something that matched it.  The children went into the fridges and freezers and saw where the food was stored.  They saw where the lorries come in and how the food comes off of the lorries.  At the end of the session they got to sample different cold meats, cheeses and fruit.

Tesco trip

Tesco trip 1
Tesco trip 2
Tesco trip 3
Tesco trip 4
Tesco trip 5
Tesco trip 6
Tesco trip 7
Tesco trip 8
Tesco trip 9
Tesco trip 10
Tesco trip 11
Tesco trip 12
Tesco trip 13
Tesco trip 14
Tesco trip 15
Tesco trip 16
Tesco trip 17
Tesco trip 18
Tesco trip 19

Our igloo

Our igloo 1
Our igloo 2
Our igloo 3
Our igloo 4

Our sock rice teddies

Our sock rice teddies 1
Our sock rice teddies 2
Our sock rice teddies 3
Our sock rice teddies 4
Our sock rice teddies 5

Playing in the snow

Playing in the snow 1
Playing in the snow 2
Playing in the snow 3
Playing in the snow 4
Playing in the snow 5
Playing in the snow 6
Playing in the snow 7
Playing in the snow 8
Playing in the snow 9
Playing in the snow 10
Playing in the snow 11
Playing in the snow 12
Playing in the snow 13
Playing in the snow 14

Our Christmas Trip

Our Christmas Trip 1
Our Christmas Trip 2
Our Christmas Trip 3
Our Christmas Trip 4
Our Christmas Trip 5
Our Christmas Trip 6
Our Christmas Trip 7
Our Christmas Trip 8
Our Christmas Trip 9
Our Christmas Trip 10
Our Christmas Trip 11
Our Christmas Trip 12
Our Christmas Trip 13
Our Christmas Trip 14
Our Christmas Trip 15
Our Christmas Trip 16
Our Christmas Trip 17
Our Christmas Trip 18
Our Christmas Trip 19
Our Christmas Trip 20
Our Christmas Trip 21


Ted 1 In the numeracy area
Ted 2 In the writing/phonics area
Ted 3 In the creative area
Ted 4 In the small world area
Ted 5 In the role play area
Ted 6 In the sand tray
Ted 7 On the ride on toy
Ted 8 On the minibeast mansion
Ted 9 In the reading area
Ted 10 In the computing area
Ted 11 On the slide
Ted 12 In the art gallery
Ted 13 Den building

Class 1's voices game

Growing Our Future Together

  • Enquiry

    We ask questions because we want to learn.

  • Unique

    We are all unique. We have different abilities and talents and we can learn from each other.

  • Respect

    We respect each other. We respect school property. We treat each other how we would like to be treated. We respect everybody’s opinions.

  • Achieve

    We need to do our very best. Our best will be different to others.

  • Confidence

    We believe in ourselves and in others. We are brave. Don’t be scared

  • Happiness

    We have fun. We work with a smile. We are excited to come to school. Spread the happiness to all around you.

  • Tolerance

    We respect everyone’s opinions and views. We know that being different is fine. We can follow our own path. Get along with everybody.

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