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Term 1 starts on Wednesday 6th September.
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My child in school

Why is my child on the SEND register?

There are many reasons why your child may be on the register but at Fleet Wood Lane we see every child as an individual and look at their individual needs. If your child is on the register it means that they have been identified as needing extra support with certain aspects of school life. Extra support will be given to your child to help them make progress.

If your child is on the register they may not be on it for the whole of their school life. They can come off it as necessary and go back on if required. If we feel your child should be removed or placed on the register it will be in consultation with you as parents/carers.


Individual Education Plans (IEP’s)

For some children they will have an IEP (Individual Education Plan) which sets out small, achievable targets that they are working on and what extra support they will be given. An IEP is reviewed each half term and a copy of the IEP will be sent home so parents can see the progress and the next steps.


Who do I speak to if I have concerns about my child?

Initially you can speak to your child’s class teacher who may refer you to the SENCo. If you wish, you can speak directly to the SENCo by making an appointment. Other alternatives are other professionals e.g. family GP, school nurse, optician, dentist etc.


How does school know if my child needs extra help?

The class teacher will know through daily teaching and assessment if your child finds certain areas of the curriculum difficult. Your child may have or need extra support in these lessons to access the curriculum.


How does school support my child if they have special educational needs?

Your child will receive extra support in the areas they find difficult either by the teacher or the teaching assistant. They will be assessed and reviewed regularly.


What extra support is available in school?

As well as extra adult support there are various programs which the teachers and teaching assistants run to help those children who have been identified as having a special educational need. Below are some examples of what our school can offer.


Cognition and learning;

  • Different approaches to learning e.g. kinesthetic
  • Differentiated work matched to your child’s ability
  • Extra resources e.g. apparatus to support numeracy
  • Special literacy programmes e.g. Clued Up, Teaching Early Language and Literacy (TELL), Beat Dyslexia, Toe by Toe
  • Phonics groups


Communication and Interaction;

  • Time to talk programme
  • First call programme
  • Communication and language games
  • Specific speech and language programmes provided by SALT


Social, Emotional and Mental Health;

  • Social skills games
  • Reward systems
  • Build self esteem through art work
  • work carried out with/by the schools learning mentor


Medical, physical and sensory needs;

  • First Move programme
  • Specialist equipment e.g. pencil grips, coloured overlays, writing slopes


How will my child be included outside the classroom?

We are fully inclusive on all trips and visits. We go to great lengths to ensure that any pupil with a special educational need and/or disability has the necessary adult support or required equipment so that they can take part, this includes school trips and residentials. Risk assessments are carried out on all trips and procedures are put in place for all children to participate and their safety is paramount.


What are  Education, Health and Care Plans (EHCP)?

An EHCP is a legal document which is produced by the local authority following an assessment process. It outlines the child’s special educational needs and the support the school needs to put into place to support them.

An ‘Education, Health, Care Plan’ has replaced a statement that used to be issued. The change to the documentation still outlines the child’s special educational needs but is now more child friendly and based around the child and their family.


How will I know if my child needs an Education, Health and Care Plan?

You will need to discuss your concerns with the SENCo, who will advise you whether your child needs an EHCP. Only pupils with significant special educational needs will be considered and only once the school has exhausted its provision and outside agency support.


How accessible is Fleet Wood Lane School if my child has a physical disability?

The main school building is all on one level and there is a disabled toilet with changing facilities.  The school has an accessibility plan in place.

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