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End of Term 3 Fri 15th Feb. Term 3 starts Mon 25th Feb. Have a lovely half term.
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Fleet Wood Lane School

Home Page

Fleet Wood Lane School

Who's Who

Come meet the staff at our school.

Class 6 were our artists!


Picture 1 Rachael Cotton - Headteacher
Picture 2 Mrs Knox - Deputy Head/ SENCO/ Class 4 Teacher
Picture 3 Mrs King - Senior Leader / Class 3 Teacher
Picture 4 Mrs Purton - Secretary
Picture 5 Mrs Wilson - Business Manager
Picture 6 Mr Ardito - Class 1 Teacher
Picture 7 Miss Nicholson - Teaching Assistant Class 1
Picture 8 Mrs Brown - Class 1 Support
Picture 9 Mrs Featherstone - Class 2 Teacher
Picture 10 Mrs Hollis - Class 2 Teaching Assistant
Picture 11 Mrs Moore - Teaching Assistant Class 3
Picture 12 Mrs Barron - Class 4 Teacher
Picture 13 Mrs De Leon - Teaching Assistant Class 4
Picture 14 Mrs Alexander-Jones - Class 5 Teacher
Picture 15 Mrs Smith - Teaching Assistant Class 5
Picture 16 Mr Eggleton - Class 6 Teacher
Picture 17 Mrs French - Admin
Picture 18 Mrs Park - Intervention Teacher
Picture 19 Mrs Witton - Class 6 Support
Picture 20 Miss Harris - Pastoral Support
Picture 21 Mrs Birchall - Teaching Assistant Class 6
Picture 22 Mr Goodacre - Site Manager
Picture 23 Miss Hudson - Breakfast club
Midday Meals Staff
Picture 1 Mrs Witton
Picture 2 Mrs Heron
Picture 3 Miss Nicholson
Picture 4 Mrs Birchall
Picture 5 Mrs Moore
Picture 6 Mrs Smith
Picture 7 Mrs DeLeon

Growing Our Future Together

  • Enquiry

    We ask questions because we want to learn.

  • Unique

    We are all unique. We have different abilities and talents and we can learn from each other.

  • Respect

    We respect each other. We respect school property. We treat each other how we would like to be treated. We respect everybody’s opinions.

  • Achieve

    We need to do our very best. Our best will be different to others.

  • Confidence

    We believe in ourselves and in others. We are brave. Don’t be scared

  • Happiness

    We have fun. We work with a smile. We are excited to come to school. Spread the happiness to all around you.

  • Tolerance

    We respect everyone’s opinions and views. We know that being different is fine. We can follow our own path. Get along with everybody.

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