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Financial Education

Financial Education


We achived the 'Centres of Financial Education' status from Young Money.  As part of this we continue to learn about all aspects of finance and money; as outlined in the planning framework shown below.


Our Financial Education Values Statement:

Financial Education for our children means that they understand the value of money and have confidence in the application of money in their everyday life.  We encourage and deepen the knowledge of money through creating financially confident, fair and stable children who appreciate the value and processes in earning, saving and spending money too. 


Our Financial Education Diversity and Inclusion Statement:

We believe every child has a right to financial education regardless of their background or circumstances. Children are given opportunities to explore a diverse range of perspectives in an inclusive and supportive environment. These include:


 - Regular participation in charity events and activities.

 - The use of assemblies to develop understanding of different perspectives.

 - An understanding of the role of local services including the local food bank.

 - Opportunities to appreciate the value and processes in earning, saving and 

   spending money. 

 - Knowledge of Fair Trade, local businesses and economy to develop children’s

   understanding through our curriculum.


Our work towards becoming a Centre of Excellence was funded and supported by Santander.  A press release about this work is below. 

Growing Our Future Together

  • Kindness

    We have kind hands and kind words.

  • Respect

    We respect each other.

  • Confidence

    We develop confident learners.

  • Ambition

    We want children to reach for the stars.

  • Pride

    We take pride in our work.

  • Curiosity

    We have curious minds

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