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PE and Sports Premium


What is ‘PE and Sport Premium’ funding?


Primary PE and Sport Premium is an initiative that aims to enhance the availability and quality of PE and Sports provision for all children. It was first provided in 2013/14 academic year and the current government has pledged to continue this funding until 2023.


PE and Sport Premium funding is provided jointly by the Department for Education, the Department for Health and Culture and the Department for Media and Sport.


The funding is ring-fenced with the school able to choose how it is spent in accordance to the identification of specific interests and needs. Accountability for the funding rests with the primary school with the added responsibility of reporting online both spend and impact so that the wider community is able to assess performance levels.


Fleet Wood Lane is committed to ensuring that the Primary PE and Sports premium funding is allocated to high quality, sustainable initiatives that address the following key areas:

  • Staff professional development including Subject Leader Management
  • Improved PE and Sport specific resourcing
  • Raised participation levels within curricular and extra-curricular activities including intra and inter competition
  • Improved knowledge, skills and understanding related to health and fitness
  • Increased learning opportunities associated with healthy diet and nutrition


We aim to use the funding effectively to ensure that standards of learning and achievement in PE and Sports are raised, with all children, regardless of their background, engaging in physical activity as part of the curriculum and extra-curricular provision.


Growing Our Future Together

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